IKHANA’s Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) supports modification, fabrication, major repair, and heavy maintenance for a wide variety of aircraft.  We operate under US FAA Certified Repair Station Number JRPR350F with Repair Station validations from Transport Canada, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and other civil aviation authorities worldwide.



IKHANA holds parts manufacturing approval (FAA PMA No. PQ2142NM) for many of our Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) products. IKHANA also manufactures a variety of components, assemblies, parts packages, and modification kits for specific customer requirements.  As experienced “aircraft people,” we tailor our in-house manufacturing and fabrication capabilities to efficiently meet customers requirements whether to support a special “one-of-a-kind” experimental  aircraft or type certificated aircraft.





Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) development is a core strength within IKHANA, which is evident in the growing list of STC’s obtained, including:

  1. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-100 Wing Life Extension
  2. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Wing Box
  3. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Flight Controls
  4. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Nacelle
  5. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Fuselage
  6. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6 Air Conditioning
  7. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-400 Enhanced Air Conditioning
  8. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6 Pilot Heat Fail Light
  9. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-300 PT6A-34 750 SHP Rudder Limits & Seafin Removal
  10. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-200 HG: 12,500 LBS. Series -100 & -200
  11. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-300 RG: 14,000 LBS. Restricted Category.
  12. IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-300 HG: 14,000 LBS. Standard Commuter Category.
  13. IKHANA DHC-6 Cockpit (Crew) Oxygen System
  14. IKHANA DHC-6 Passenger Oxygen System
  15. RWMI DHC-6 Passenger Door
  16. DHC-6 Vistaliner Windows
  17. TAS Canada Air EVS-1000 (Canadair Challenger)
  18. TAS Gulfstream GEOSAR: (G-II radar mapping platform)



IKHANA’s in-house engineering department develops design, analysis, and certification data for our proprietary products and customer projects.  We pride ourselves with the ability to solve complex problems with unique solutions.  Our certification staff, including several in-house Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs), are authorized to provide compliance findings on behalf of the FAA.



IKHANA’s in-house FAA Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR) and FAA Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR) provide examinations, conformity inspections, export approvals, and aircraft airworthiness certification. Our many years of experience and expertise, assure successful airworthiness certification for our customers’ programs.