Twin Otter X2 “Zero Time” NEW 66,000 Hour/132,000 Cycle Life

                    “Zero Time”

NEW 66,000 Hour/132,000 Cycle Life


The IKHANA Twin Otter X2 is unlike any Twin Otter aircraft on the market. Operators can now get the same dependability that legacy series Twin Otter operators have come to expect, but without the down-time and high maintenance costs associated with aging airplanes. This increased reliability is due to the fact that the airplane is completely remanufactured during the IKHANA Twin Otter X2 production process, using “Re-Life” and/or new parts and components. Offered with a brand new interior, new engines, customized avionics, and all new wiring, the Twin Otter X2 combines IKHANA’s Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) to “Re-Life” the entire airplane to a new fully useful life. The Twin Otter X2 includes the RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Wing Box, RMWI DHC-6 Re-Life Nacelles, RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Flight Controls, and RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Fuselage™ Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs).

Each Twin Otter X2 is customizable to meet the needs of the operator. IKHANA offers a wide variety of products and modifications to meet even the most unique customer requirements. Our team will lead you through the modification process to ensure a successful custom Twin Otter X2.

Contact us to learn more about the detailed Re-Life process that each IKHANA Twin Otter X2 undergoes. IKHANA can walk you through the Twin Otter X2 options and tailor a solution specific to your operational needs.

Twin Otter X2 “Zero Time” NEW 66,000 Hour/132,000 Cycle Life



IKHANA currently has a number of Twin Otters X2™ airplanes available for sale. Contact us about available options and pricing to best meet your needs.